¹ 1(34), 2009



structural analysis and design of manipulators on basis of planar FIVE-BAR mechanisms with two degrees of freedom. N. Davitashvili.  Problems of Mechanics”. Tbilisi, 2009, ¹ 1(34), pp. 9 - 17, (Engl.).

The structural analysis of manipulators is given on the basis of planar five-bar mechanism with two degrees of freedom and is fined out the twenty one various types of planar manipulators. For one type of the planar manipulator is found the working volume of work range and is carried out it’s design by the given law of motion of gripper. Application in manipulators of the planar closed kinematic chains enables for creation of precision robots. 8 ill. Bibl. 13. Engl.; sum. in Russ.


Calculation and test of the welded bogie solebar and the bogie bolster of the freight car. G. Tumanishvili, M. Chelidze, V. Zviadauri, L. Kavtaradze. “Problems of Mechanics”. Tbilisi, 2009, ¹ 1(34), pp. 18 - 24, (Engl.).

Technological features of manufacturing of large-sized details and achievements in the field of welding allow us to use effectively welding in manufacture of large-sized elements of freight bogies. The Work is devoted to theoretical and experimental research of durability of welded structure of the bogie solebar and bogie bolster developed and fabricated in joint-stock company “Elmavalmshenebeli”. On the basis of research indispensable correctives in the design of said elements are made and the recommendation for further investigations in operational conditions is given. 13 ill. Bibl. 5. Engl.; sum in Russ.


ON  THE  UNSTEADY MOTION  OF  A  VISCOUS  HYDROMAGNETIC FLUID CONTAINED BETWEEN ROTATING COAXIAL CYLINDERS  OF  FINITE LENGTH. V. Tsutskiridze, L. Jikidze. “Problems of Mechanics”. Tbilisi, 2009, ¹ 1(34), pp. 25-38 , (Engl.).

The problem of unsteady rotational motion of electrically conducting viscous incompressible fluid, contained within two asxially concentric cylinders of finite length in the presence of an axial symmetric magnetic field of constant strength, has been solved exactly using finite Hankel transform in combination with a technique presented in this paper. This paper presents a complete of the problem under consideration, which has been of interest for many years; moreover the Pneuman-Lykoudis solution in Magnetohydrodynamics and Childyat solution in hydrodynamics appears as a special case of  this study. The analysis shows that the disturbance in the fluid. Bibl. 10. Engl.; sum. in Russ.


THE fuel treatment turbulizatinG in INJECTORS OF DIESEL engines. Oleh Klyus. “Problems of Mechanics”. Tbilisi, 2009, ¹ 1 (34), pp. 39-43, (Engl.).

In the paper was presented  possibility to increase the effectiveness parameters of diesel engine performance as well as to decrease the emission of toxic compounds in exhaust gases by using preliminary catalytic fuel treatment with utilize the phenomenon of turbulization in injector passages. First results of tests on an engine of 359 type have shown an improvement of operational parameters and a decrease of toxic emission in exhaust gases. 4 ill. Bibl. 5. Engl.; sum. in Russ.



The following paper deals with the results of model tests of both the amount of exhaust gases and the fuel consumption of marine slow speed engines. The calculations have been carried out for rated conditions as well as for partial loads within the range of operating loads of marine engines. On the basis of the achieved results there has been made an analysis of possible simplification of the calculating procedure concerning the amount of air required for the combustion process. 1 ill. Bibl. 5. Engl.; sum. in. Russ.



METHOD OF MATHEMATICAL MODELS OF PLANNING AND CARRYING OUT OF TWO-FACTOR EXPERIMENTS. I. Gorjoladze, N. Gorjoladze, G. Rurua. “Problems of Mechanics”, Tbilisi, 2009, ¹1(34), pp. 48-51  (Engl.).

Method of planning and carrying out of two-factor experiment is established, which is based on determination of the rank of required value, given by the table. Rank determination provides existence of mathematical model and setting formula of analytical form for required dependence, which very often significantly reduces the quantity of experiments. Models of forms of one-variable functions product, sum and power are considered. Bibl. 6, Engl.; sum. in Russ.


EXPLORATION OF PNEUMATIC SPRING SYSTEMS SUSPENSIONS IN TRANSPORT CAR. Z. Bogvelishvili, M. Glonti, V. Bogvelishvili. “Problems of Mechanics”, Tbilisi. 2009, ¹ 1(34), pp. 52-56, (Engl.).

Mathematicat model has been elaborated to explorate pneumatic equalizing spring suspension dynamics, which represents system of differential equa­tion and describes current processes of thermodynamical, thermal and mass trans­mission in research pneumatic systems. 1 ill. Bibl. 3. Engl.; sum. in Russ.


DEVELOPMENT OF LOGISTICAL SYSTEM OF freight traffic ON TRANSPORT. O. Gelashvili, L.Botsvadze, I. Chkhetia, N. Butkhuzi. “Problems of Mechanics”, Tbilisi, 2009, ¹ 1(34), pp. 57-59, (Engl.).

In article are considered the questions of introduction of modern technologies in process of transportation and first of all the questions of wide application into practice the terminal technologies of freight traffic which are based on logistical principles. Priority existence of logistical intermediaries (subjects) which possess skill to play a main role in perfection of the organization of transportations will be considered. Territorial associations of the independent companies and the organizations which carry out the accompanying service necessary for ãðóçîïåðåâîçîê and which refer to as “the logistical centers” are rather important. All the above have for an object to develop logistical system of commodity movement which will provide reliable moving cargoes and their safety at the minimal expenses. Bibl. 3. Engl.; sum. in Russ.


ON THE PROBLEM OF MATHEMATICAL MODELING OF THE DYNAMICS OF ELECTRIC LOCOMOTIVE AT MOTION ON CURVED SECTIONS OF RAILWAY TRACK. G. Chkhaidze, A. Chkhaidze, T. Mchedlishvili. “Problems of Mechanics”, Tbilisi, 2009, ¹ 1(34), pp. 60-67(Engl.).

The problems are examined connected with mathematical modeling of the dynamics of the system electric locomotive – railway track with consideration of dynamic phenomena in the circuits of traction drive. Mathematical expressions of kinetic and potential energy for investigation of the system at electric locomotive motion on curved section of railway track. 3 ill. Bibl. 5. Engl.; sum. in. Russ.


Peculiarities of carbon nano-structures and some aspects of their synthesis. E. Semiletova, N. Bakradze, R. Kasumov, K. Khatoyan.  Problems of Mechanics”. Tbilisi, 2009, ¹ 1(34), pp. 68-73  , (Engl.).

In the article are considered separate aspects of peculiarities of nano-structures of carbon materials and nano-technologies. The results of our experimental investigations, possibilities of synthesis and peculiarities of formation of carbon nano-crystals from gas environment in conditions of smoldering discharge are shown. Also are shown some already real fields of application of nano-materials. 7 ill. Bibl. 20. Engl.; sum. in Russ.



regulation of free oscillation period in joint spatial structures.
Yu. melashvili, l. balanchivadze, l. zambakhidze, i. bakuradze.  Problems of Mechanics”. Tbilisi, 2009, ¹ 1 (34), pp. 74-79, (Engl.).

In  the article is considered the cases of  free oscillation period regulation of joint spatial structures, cylindrical, hip-roofed, folded, jib shell and reinforced by cable system thin-walled plate and are given the their numerical calculation. For problem solution are used the Bubnov-Galerkin method; are written down the various  fundamental equations of joint spatial structures calculation on dynamic force and boundary conditions of their solution.. 4 ill. Bibl. 4. Engl.; sum. in Russ.


axisymmetric oscillations of cylinders from material with various parameters of nucleus of shear and volumetric relaxation. M. Vazagashvili, B. Churchelauri, G. Metreveli, R. Gogaladze. Problems of Mechanics”. Tbilisi, 2009, ¹ 1(34), pp. 80-83, (Engl.).

In work are resulted the received solutions of problem of characteristic axisymmetric oscillations of continuous viscoelastic cylinders with free borders. Two variants of the material behavior are considered. In the first was considered, that viscoelastic properties appear only at shear, and on compression the material works as elastic. 6 ill. Bibl. 5 Engl.; sum. in Russ.


Experimental research of fiber-optical system of concrete constructions monitoring. T. Nareklishvili,  M. Tsikarishvili, L. Zambakhidze T. Magradze,  A. Tsakadze, D. Kupatadze.  Problems of Mechanics”. Tbilisi, 2009, ¹ 1(34), pp. 84-89, (Engl.).

The level of industrial development of leading countries is determined with industry  volume and assortment of output production and quality factor, as well. Especially important  is the control of quality factor of concrete constructions as to avoid constructions failure and emergency situations. 10 ill.  Bibl. 8. Engl., sum. in Russ.


Harmonious bending oscillations of  structural - non-uniform rod system. M. Vazagashvili, B. Churchelauri, G. Metreveli, R. Gogaladze.  Problems of Mechanics”. Tbilisi, 2009, ¹ 1(34), pp. 90-93, (Engl.).

In the work are investigated the bending harmonious oscillations of the structures consisting from several in parallel or coaxially located variable cross-section rods.  Interest to bending oscillations is caused first of all by that for automatic guns on grouping of shots and its accuracy essentially affect the amplitude and the phase bending oscillations of the barrel at the moment of the shell start. 1 ill. Bibl. 5. Engl.; sum. in Russ.


Increase of efficiency of the city bus by a method of the multifactorial analysis. D. Pridonashvili.  Problems of Mechanics”. Tbilisi, 2008, ¹ 1(34), pp. 94-97  , (Engl.).

In work is developed the technique of increase in of the city bus efficiency by improvement of traction -speed performance and fuel efficiency that is carried out by selection of design data with application of the multiple-factor analysis. 1 ill. Bibl. 3. Engl.; sum. in Russ.


Determination of the resonant frequencies of super universal milling machines on the basis of analysis of free vibrations using finite element method. K. Tskhakaia. Problems of Mechanics”. Tbilisi, 2008, ¹ 1(34), pp.   -  , (Engl.).

The frequency range of the forced vibrations has been determined on the example of the super universal milling machine. The values of frequencies of free vibrations have been found on the basis of analysis of the finite element model of machine. The values of the frequencies potentially dangerous in the view of occurrence of the resonance have been revealed.  3 ill.  Bibl. 7.  Engl.; sum. In Russ.


some directions of Contact problems researched in multilayered mediums. N. Mardaleishvili. Problems of Mechanics”. Tbilisi, 2009, ¹ 1(34), pp. 102-105, (Engl.).

In work are presented the results of short review of contact problems. It is received at research interaction of isotropic, anisotropic and non-uniform materials. The principal attention was given to those mainstreams, which were allocated at research of contact problems for above specified materials and structural components. Bibl. 24. Engl.; sum. in Russ.


FORMULAS OF DETERMINATION OF ANALYTICAL FORM OF TWO RANK FUNCTION OF FOUR VARIABLES, GIVEN BY THE TABLE. I. Gorjoladze, N. Gorjoladze,”Problems of Mechanics”, 2009, ¹ 1(34), pp. 106-112, (Engl.).

Mathematical model of two rank function of four variables, given by table is considered in this article. This model does not contain a power of one-variable functions of arguments. His checking criteria, and corresponding formulas of setting of analytical form of the function are formulated.  Bibl. 9. Engl., sum. in Russ.