An analysis of hinged-lever systems for railcars braking with one-sided and two-sided press on the shoes. N. Davitashvili, G. Sharashenidze. “Problems of Applied Mechanics”. Tbilisi, 2003, ¹4 (13), p.9-18, (engl.).
The analysis of hinged-lever systems for railcars braking with one-sided and two-sided press on the shoes is given. The effect of a railcar’s braking with revealing all forces emergent in a wheel braking process is studied. The way of full dynamic analysis of hinged-lever systems wit one-sided braking is stated. Corresponding corrections for an example of one problem of dynamics, when all links are absolutely rigid, are introduced. The obtained results contribute to improvement of hinged-lever systems with one-side braking. 10 ill. Bibl. 11. Engl., summ. in Russ.

The influence of the size of a clearance on dynamics of an operational mechanism of refrigerator railcar’s diesel engine.
G. Sharashenidze, S. Sharashenidze. “Problems of Applied Mechanics”. Tbilisi, 2003, ¹4 (13), p.19-26, (engl.).
In this paper, the investigation of reaction forces in the joints of the operational mechanism with clearances of refrigerator railcar’s diesel engine is given. The motion character of joint’s internal element relative to the external element for all possible ruptured-contact complementary motion is shown. The motion of internal elements of joints of the mechanism is considered for different values of zero friction coefficient and clearances. The results of investigation are reflected in the diagrams. 5 ill. Bibl. 9. Engl. summ. in Russ.

Optimization system of special mattresses for bedridden people.
D. Moschella, C. Gatti, G. Fragomeni, G.A. Danieli, C. Brescia, M. Ghionna. “Problems of Applied Mechanics”. Tbilisi, 2003, ¹4 (13), p.27-33, (engl.).
A system to determine shape and local stiffness of a special mattress for immobilized patients is here presented. The system is made up of at least eight modules, whose relative position and internal pressure may be independently set. The upper part of each module is sealed by a membrane in order to behave as an inflatable cushion. Each module may be independently positioned with respect to the frame, which is made up by three fundamental elements, whose inclination may be varied to allow for horizontal, sitting and intermediate positions. The possibility to vary also the internal pressure of each module allows not only to the mattress to perfectly adopt to the patient configuration, supplying the best possible conform, but also to determine the local elastic characteristics of the patient’s body, thanks to the shape detection allowed by a laser interferometer system working inside each cushion. 7 ill. Bibl. 14. Engl., summ. in Russ.

Calculation of piece cost by using computer technologies.
D. Gordeziani, T. Gegechkory, A. Gordeziani. “Problems of Applied Mechanics”. Tbilisi, 2003, ¹4(13), p.34-37, (engl.).
The method of calculation piece cost by applying computer technologies, allowing to define optimal variant of technological processes according piece cost criteria is given. 5 ill. Bibl. 2. Engl., summ. in Russ.

The analysis of possible failure of spring – board type mudflow – proTective new structures in transport corridor. G. Gavardashvili, L. Tsulukidze, G. Chakhaia. “Problems of Applied Mechanics”. Tbilisi, 2003, ¹4 (13), p.38-42, (engl.).
According to the catastrophe theory, the analysis of putting the spring-board debris-flow protection structures out of action in the transport corridor, can be given. Taking into consideration the conducted mathematical analysis, it is established that the putting the spring-board debris-flow protection structures, out of action, is being implemented by the so called catastrophe – “Reversed Assembling”. 3 ill. Bibl. 11. Engl., summ. in Russ.

Assessment of the stability of debris-flow riverbeds in transport corridor of Georgia. G. Gavardashvili, G. Chakhaia, L. Tsulukidze. “Problems of Applied Mechanics”. Tbilisi, 2003, ¹4 (13), p. 43-46, (engl.).
Taking into consideration the field-expedition investigation, which using the theory of risk and reliability, was held in the bridge passages of automobile roads, the grade of erosion and accumulation of debris-flow carrying-out have been assessed. The depth of erosion of river-beds under the bridge is being established after which the stability of pier of bridge will be defined. Bibl. 3. Engl., summ. in Russ.

The method of evaluAtion of the stability of a construction by fiber-optic light guide. J. Bakhtadze, D. Tavkhelidze, Z. Seskuria, G. Lagundaridze, M. Tsikarishvili. “Problems of Applied Mechanics”. Tbilisi, 2003, ¹4 (13), p.47-50, (Rus.).
The analysis of the dynamics of deformation for a construction by fiber-optic light guide system of sensors is given. The experiment confirms the accuracy of a model and criteria of stability. 4 ill. Bibl. 2. Russ.

The best choice of finite elements (FE) for lamellar and shell constructions. G. Lagundaridze, Z. Seskuria, S. Bliadze, I. Khartishvili. “Problems of Applied Mechanics”. Tbilisi, 2003, ¹4 (13), p.51-54, (Rus.).
Different finite elements with different node points are considered. For the solution of particular problems it is drawn conclusion which finite element must be used in given case. On a basis of considered finite elements one can model wide classes of lamellar and shell constructions. 3 ill. Bibl. 8. Russ.

Modelling of the dynamics of the machine-tool following mechanisms for one-dimensional profiling of timber work-pieces with complicated surfaces. B. Navrozashvili, T. Mchedlishvili, A. Vashalomidze, K. Gvazava, T. Okromchedlishvili. “Problems of Applied Mechanics”. Tbilisi, 2003, ¹4 (13), p.55-60, (Rus.).
The analysis of kinematics of the relative movements of cutting grinding pneumocylinders and work pieces realized in the roto-grinding machine tool for one-dimensional profiling of timber work pieces with complicated surfaces has been carried out. New regularities of non-linear functions of the machine tool working parts position and the potential energy system necessary for building of a mathematical model for the following mechanism of the studied machine-tool has been determined. 3 ill. Bibl. 2. Russ.

Use of the theory of percussion for a working process of soil tillage with a rotary tiller. R. Makharoblidze, G. Charakashvili, K. Torikashvili, P. Benashvili. “Problems of Applied Mechanics”. Tbilisi, 2003, ¹4 (13), p.61-64, (Rus.).
Having used the theory of percussion of rigid body with the elastic and viscous material, a formula, for calculation of percussive resistance of soil cutting with the rototiller tine, is deduced. The obtained formula takes account of soil’s physical and mechanical properties, constructive, kinematic and dynamic parameters of the rotary tiller aggregate, to a greater extent. Bibl. 4. Russ.

Engineering-ecological measures for the protection of the transport corridors from debris-flow. G. Gavardashvili, L. Tsulukidze, G. Chakhaia. “Problems of Applied Mechanics”. Tbilisi, 2003, ¹4 (13), p.65-68, (Rus.).
With the aim of providing the safe motion of automobile and railway transport and according to the science field investigation, the reliability and the risk of putting the upper pool and the dawn pool of Caucasian debris-flow lowering structures out of action have been estimated. According to the rule of Poisson and taking into consideration the intensivity of failure, the reliability of debris-flow lowering structure in time intervals has been established. For the safety of transport motion and on the base of research, a resource economic structures of debris-flow lowering system, the novelty which is defended by the patent has been cultivated. 1 ill. 6 Bibl. Russ.

Improved version of elimination’s method of parameters. A. Antelidze. “Problems of Applied Mechanics”. Tbilisi, 2003, ¹4 (13), p.69-72, (Rus.).
The method of the calculation of a artificial structures in static and dynamic state is given. The method utilized a precise solutions of a elasticity theory; e.g., in case of the plane problem this is a function of the strain. 1 ill. Bibl. 3. Russ.

Dissemination of waves in different grounds. V. Japaridze. “Problems of Applied Mechanics”. Tbilisi, 2003, ¹4 (13), p.73-77, (Rus.).
It is shown, that the mechanism of a damping process of a vertical component of a impact pressure is determined by the hysteresis characteristics of a ground. The mechanism of wave’s damping of a excess pressure according to a thickness of a stratum is studied. 5 ill. Bibl. 4. Russ.

Estimate method of effectiveness of atmosphere-protective measures. N. Gheladze. “Problems of Applied Mechanics”. Tbilisi, 2003, ¹4 (13), p.78-80, (Rus.).
Both basic point of view to the economic comparison of a different atmosphere-protective technologies is analysed. It is shown, that the traditional method of a reduces expenditures is based on the exposure of a reduced expenditures’ minimum. The “resultant” method characterizes a state point of view, which in necessary just in the nature-protective activity. Bibl. 7. Russ.

Improvement of transport-operational properties of asphalt-concrete covers in conditions of intensive influence of horizontal forces under the action motor transport. V. Goglidze, D. Burduladze, P. Nadirashvili. “Problems of Applied Mechanics”. Tbilisi, 2003, ¹4 (13), p.81-86, (Rus.).
It is considered the plane problem in the theory of elasticity and plasticity for the purpose optimization with regard for the tensely-deformed condition of the asphalt-concrete cover from a real forces under the action of the motor transport. The elasticity theory’s maximum condition (by Iliushin) and the superposition principle is utilized, with regard for the theoretical and experimental results. The method of a calculation of a maximum tangent tensions is work out; this method really represents the operational conditions of the road cover. The method provides the conditions of the cover’s displacement-steadiness, in order to avoid of a possible breach of its surface eveness. 3 ill. Russ.

Calculation in bend of thin plate with right-angled shape, when ITS three side is fasten hard, and fourth – is free. G. Jabidze. “Problems of Applied Mechanics”. Tbilisi, 2003, ¹4 (13), p.87-93, (Rus.).
It is considered the concrete case of the calculation in bend of thin plate with right-angled shape without utilization a Kirchhof’s theory, on a basis of the I. Gudushaury’s theory, when its three side is fasten hard, and fourth – is free. It is received the solution of a stated problem with regard for a boundary and initial conditions. The mathematical algorithm and the up-to-date computer program is worked out, with the help of which is realized the definition of a tensely-deformed condition of the plate for a different meanings of the ration of its sides. 1 ill. Bibl. 3. Russ.

To the question of controlling the process of grinding in the drum mill taking into account the state of fettling. M. Baghdasaryan. “Problems of Applied Mechanics”. Tbilisi, 2003, ¹4 (13), p.94-97, (Rus.).
The characteristic changes of a drum mill engine have been studied at different degrees of fettling wear, a means for mill-work control has been worked out which takes into account the wear degree of fettling based on the regularity discovery of active power amplitude value changes consumed by the mill. The suggested control means enables to avoid not justified expenses of electrical energy in the process of grinding. 1 ill.Bibl. 7. Russ.

SOME EXPERIMENTS ON STATOR AND ROTATOR WINDINGS OF SYNCHRONIC GENERATORS’ RELIABILITY. Z. Belluyan. “Problems of Applied Mechanics”. Tbilisi, 2003, ¹4 (13), p.98-102, (Rus.).
The methodology of parameters of forced regime choice and consideration of top level factors while carring the experiments of stator and rotator windings of synchronic generators has been purposed. Accelerated experiments of definite generators have been out and regression of equation has been obtained. The methodology may be used for different items due to particular plans of experiments. Bibl. 3. Russ.

RELIABILITY OF MECHANICAL UNITS OF GENERATORS. Z. Belluyan. “Problems of Applied Mechanics”. Tbilisi, 2003, ¹4 (13), p.103-107, (Rus.).
Abstract: The problems of definition of mechanical unit – bearing and contact-drash units reliability are viewed in this paper. The paper also presents the problems concerning synchrony fan generators with capacity of 100 kWt on the stage of exploitationand projecting. The analysis of rejections and proposals of calculation – experimental methods of definition of the reliability has been carried out. Bibl. 3. Russ.

DEFINITION OF THERMO-ELASTIC FIELD OF PIVOT. A. Buksianidze. “Problems of Applied Mechanics”. Tbilisi, 2003, ¹4 (13), p.108-115, (Rus.).
The axisymmetric thermo-elastic problem about a direction into an elastic space, containing the thin alien pivot with finite length is studied. The case with round pivot with a constant temperature is considered. The case with arbitrarlly given a temperature field and a pivot with a variable section is studied and in a case of a narrow conic inclusion with finite length it is discovered the analytic solution of the problem in the form a row. 4 ill.Bibl. 6. Russ.