¹ 3(44), 2011



Dinamical research of spherical four-bar mechanisms with taking into account basic and additional motions. N. Davitashvili, A. Talakvadze.  Problems of Mechanics”. Tbilisi, 2011, ¹ 3(44), pp. 5-14, (Engl.).

In the work is given the dynamical research of cone crusher actuator four-bar hinged crank-and-rocker mechanism with consideration of clearances in two kinematical pairs. Are investigated basic and additional motions of mechanism that are caused due clearances. For all cases of motion are obtained systems of differential equations that would be realized by computer. Are definer optimal dimensions of clearances due keeping of that durability and reliability of cone crusher’s actuator spherical mechanism would be significantly improved. 4 ill. Bibl. 33. Engl.; sum. in Russian.


   comparative analysis of output parameters of electric train motor car’s brake linkage with clearances. G. Sharashenidze, M. Glonti.  Problems of Mechanics”. Tbilisi, 2011, ¹ 3(44), pp. 15-21, (Engl.).

In the work is carried out the comparative analysis of growing dynamical loadings in various joint connections with clearances of improved optimal leverage transmission of electric train motor cars. For this purpose is applied layout of improved brake transmission with variable coordinates system in centers of joint connections and according generalized coordinates. For comparative analysis is considered equilibrium conditions of shackle rod and vertical suspension of brake shoe according of dynamic model. The basic expressions of comparative analysis of dynamical loadings for rotation on arbitrary angle of drive link are obtained. Is considered impact of developed from brake cylinders brake force on output parameters of transmission. The carried out analysis gives the possibility to select structural elements of improved brake transmission at existence of external forces. 1 ill. Bibl.18. Engl.;  sum. in Russian.           


Mobile bridgelayer elevator on the bases of tank “Leopard-2”. E. Medzmariashvili, M. Sanikidze, O. Tusishvili, G. Medzmariashvili. Problems of Mechanics”. Tbilisi, 2011, ¹ 3(44), pp. 22-26, (Engl.).

The three variants of bridgelayer are discussed in this paper. Transportation and mounting of bridge is carried from bridgelayer. As a base variant, here is selected the scheme of cantilevered mobile elevator to install the bridge. It provides the bridge mounting and dismantling process in 5-7 minutes and craw is staying in vehicle. 7 ill. Bibl. 4. Engl.; sum. in Russian. 


CALCULATION OF COMPOSITE  FUSELAGE  AIRCRAFT  BASED  OSCILLATIONS ARISE  DURING  TAKEOFF  AND  CREEP. A. Dumbadze, Yu. Kanchaveli. ,,Problems of Mechanics’’. Tbilisi, 2011, ¹ 3(44), pp. 27-38, (Engl.).

The expressions that describe the bending vibrations of the fuselage of a polymer fiber plastic  (PFP) are received. The  fuselage is considered as the beam is treated with  random light and other factors (like high roughness of the runway, a gust of wind during takeoff, a large gradient of atmospheric pressure and temperature, reducing the amount of fuel and others). Not one of the expressions is not the maximum (extreme) at Thus, the study of creep of the PFP, the definition of modulus of elasticity of the PFP at the time of maximum vibrational deflection and use the resulting values  of the modulus of elasticity in the calculation of the fuselage is  relevant. 2 ill. Bibl. 6. Engl.; sum. in Russian.


CATALYTIC AND TURBULIZING TREATMENT OF BIOFUEL IN DIESEL ENGINES. Oleh Klyus. ,,Problems of Mechanics’’. Tbilisi, 2011, ¹ 3(44), pp. 39-43, (Engl.).

The paper discusses possibilities of increasing the performance parameters of a diesel engine and decreasing the emission of toxic compounds contained in exhaust gases by using preliminary catalytic treatment of biofuel, executed directly in the injector body. In order to enhance the impact of the catalyst on the flowing fuel the author proposes to utilize the phenomenon of turbulization in injector passages. The results of tests on a 359 type engine have shown an improvement of operational parameters and a decrease of toxic emission in exhaust gases. 3 ill. Bibl. 5. Engl.; sum. in Russian.


DYNAMIC OF THE WORK RESONANCE VIBRATION DEVICE AT THE COMPACTION AND LEVELING OF CONCRETE FLOOR. H. Tsulaia,  M. Tedoshvili,  M. Chelidze. ,,Problems of Mechanics’’. Tbilisi, 2011, ¹ 3(44), pp. 44-47, (Engl.).

is investigated that the use of single-cycle electromagnetic vibrator with resonant excitation of vibrations for compaction and leveling of concrete composite, gives a positive result. The intensity of compacting processes depends on resonant setting of system and characteristics of compacting materials. 8 ill. Bibl. 2. Engl.; sum. in Russian.


Conflict of fundamental laws for incompressible fluid - consequence of second law violations. A. Aptsiauri.  Problems of Mechanics”. Tbilisi, 2011, ¹ 3(44), pp. 48-57, (Engl.).

In the article on basis of energy and momentum conservation laws is indicated that at the large scale heat-insulated stream, in the onset of turbulence process or other relative motions, there is an apparent effect of cooling from without and heat accumulation into kinetic energy, at simultaneously fall of entropy, which contradicts with the requirement of second law.  3 ill. Bibl. 9. Engl.; sum. in Russian.


dynamics of machine-tractor aggregate with variable mass. R. Makharoblidze, G. Chitaia, Z. Zhorzholiani.  Problems of Mechanics”. Tbilisi, 2011, ¹ 3(44), pp. 58-62, (Engl.).

On the example of machine-tractor aggregate is investigated dynamics of transient processes with taking into account gradual decreasing of mass of root and tuber crops in bunker of planting machine. Is generated the formula for speed change as aggregate movement and is defined dependence of this speed from parameters of engine, tractor and member of technological machine by taking into account gradually decreasing of mass (volume) of agricultural materials from bunker.  Bibl. 3. Engl.; sum. in Russian.


THE FLOW OF CONDUCTING LIQUID IN MAGNETOHYDRODYNAMICS TUBES WITH HEAT TRANSFER. J. Sharikadze, V. Tsutskiridze,  L. Jikidze. “Problems of Mechanics”. Tbilisi, 2011, ¹ 3(44), pp. 63-70, (Engl.).

The title problem is studied for the case when the flow of liquid is due to pulsating pressure drop or pulsating motion of one wall or pulsating motion of walls or pulsating pressure drop and pulsating motion of walls. Physical characteristics of liquid flow are found. Bibl. 5. Engl.; Summ. in Russian.


dynamical impact on deteriorations in “wheel-rail” system of four-axle (model 18-101) tank running gear on curvilenar small radius disticts of rail path. A. Sharvashidze, D. Chitadze, D. Gogishvili, K. Sharvashidze. “Problems of Mechanics”. Tbilisi, 2011, ¹ 3(44), pp. 71-74, (Engl.).

In the article are considered reasons of deterioration of inner faces rail heads and wheels flanges at interaction of rail and four-axle tank for oil transportation. One of the sources of deteriorations is presented by four-axle bogie of model 18-101. Is recommended and is considered as advisable to decline from use of four-axle tanks in operation, especially on such districts of path where occurs curvilinear movement of rolling stock in non-standard or small radius curves at that significantly is increased deterioration between contact surfaces of path and carriages running gear in connection with that is complicated curve negotiation in clearance of four-axle tank and its running gear. 1 ill. Bibl. 5. Engl.;  sum. in Russian.